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I am Anju, a resident of New Delhi, India. I hold a master's degree in Hindi but at graduation level my favourite subject was Home Science. I am a food lover and feel cooking is an art. I always keep on searching new ideas for cooking and innovating new dishes for my family. My family and friends always appreciated my dishes. One day my husband suggested that we should start a blog where we can share all that we know about Indian cooking. This way we can share with not only our near & dear ones but with anybody who loves to cook. We know you love food, otherwise you would bot be reading this page.

“Myfoodpitara” is a recipe cum food blog. This is mainly about simple recipes which can be easily prepared in any kitchen. I have learnt these recipes from different people, books, TV programs, internet etc due to my love for cooking. I am operating this blog with my husband (SS) and my sons (SS & TS). All the recipes are tried and tested several times in my kitchen.

Hope you enjoy your visit to this blog and hope to see you here again. If you have a question about a recipe, please feel free to write to me at myfoodpitara@gmail.com. My blog is open to comments, your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.

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