Thursday, 16 July 2015

Cooking Tips
1. Always wash vegetables before peeling.
2. Put potatoes and eggplant in water after cutting to avoid browning.
3. Boiled vegetables water can be used for gravies and soups.
4. Remove the stem of the green chillies before storing them to keep them fresh for long.
5. Use hot water for making gravies, it will enhance the taste.
6. Soak whole dals for 12 hours and other dals for one hour before cooking.
7. Use ripe red tomatoes to retain colour in the gravy.
8. Add a pinch of sugar while boiling green peas to retain their green colour.
9. Place rolled 'puris' in refrigerator for 8-10 minutes before frying them. Puris will consume less oil and become crisper.
10. Add a little water at the base of the vessel before boiling milk, it will avoid the milk from sticking at the bottom.
11. Try to use potatoes without peeling them because they have their nutrients in their skin.
12. Pakoras can be made crisper if we add a little corn flour to the besan while preparing batter.
13. Gravy can be made tasty by adding a little sugar to it.
14. Never add salt to rajma and urad dal while boiling, it will reduce their cooking time by half.
15. Add few pieces of peeled potato in a dish to remove excess salt.
16. Add a little salt while frying onions, they will turn brown quickly.
17. Use milk when kneading the dough for 'puris', it will make 'puris' softer and fluffy.
18. Always heat oil properly before adding seasonings.

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